For over two decades, Christy Clark has been at the centre of public life in British Columbia.  A Premier, cabinet minister, political commentator and trail-blazer, Clark is a passionate advocate for her province and her country.

Her values of hard-work and unbridled optimism have made a difference for so many people’s lives.


Throughout her six years in office serving the people of British Columbia, Christy Clark’s government:

  • Led the country in job creation.

  • Maintained some of the best health and education outcomes in the country.

  • Worked tirelessly to create new opportunities, with an emphasis on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the technology sectors.

  • Led seven international trade missions and expanded Asia-Pacific trade to the point that British Columbia is now, by far, the least dependent province in Canada on US-trade.
  • Balanced five consecutive budgets and was on-track to eliminating its operating debt by 2020, the first time since 1976.

  • Maintained a AAA credit rating, the only province in Canada to achieve this.

  • Made reconciliation with First Nations a key priority, successfully negotiating over 500 agreements with Indigenous communities throughout BC, including revenue sharing, LNG resource benefit, and reconciliation agreements.