Leadership Lessons From A Former Premier

In this talk, Christy Clark reflects on her journey as a kid from Burnaby to becoming Premier of British Columbia in 2011, where she governed for 6 years. Through humour, storytelling and never-before-heard behind the scenes insight, Premier Clark shares her biggest takeaways from heading an entity as large and complicated as the Government of British Columbi woman prevented her from actually doing and saying while she was Premier.

Life As A Woman in Politics

As Premier, Christy Clark experienced many adversities and scenarios that would shock and amaze audience members. Many of those centred around her job as a leader in the very male dominated world of politics. She talks about the way she was covered differently by media, her political opponents and what being a woman prevented her from actually doing and saying while she was Premier.

It’s The Economy, Stupid

During her time as Premier, Christy Clark took BC from 9th to 1st in economic growth. A strong economy allows governments and organizations to focus on other priorities (i.e. what you can spend money on) – but without it, there isn’t much you can do. Hear first-hand about how Premier Clark oversaw BC’s turnaround and her key principles for how to ensure long-term, sustainable economic growth.

Canada’s Future

As Premier, Christy Clark made it a point to promote British Columbia’s businesses and resources around the world, and not just in the usual places. A report by HSBC predicted that by 2050 – 19 of the 30 largest economies in the world will be “emerging.” For British Columbia and Canada to be properly prepared, it must accept, embrace and strategize for this.